Class of 1971

Keywanda Battle

As I recall, I seamlessly "transferred" from Evander Childs HS, Bronx, NY/College Bound Program to Harlem Prep in 1970. This was the end of my junior year. I started and completed my senior year in HS at Prep, which culminated in successful graduation and acceptance/attendance at Kirkland College, Clinton, NY, [considering a Philosophy major/Dance minor].

Harlem Prep was a godsend to minority students at this critical time in Harlem's history and in each student's personal history, I am sure.

Yes, Prep was a beacon for HS dropouts seeking a second chance and this was a necessary and wonderful development in educational alternatives during this era.

I would also like to point out that Prep was also a beacon for ME, a non-dropout, college-bound student who seamlessly "transferred" from a traditional learning environment to Harlem Prep in 1970 because I agreed with the progressive educational model; because I loved the location in my home borough; because I was passionate about positive militancy/nationalism converted to action through education leading to higher education. As stated, in “WHY HARLEM PREP?”, page 3, “I was looking “to make a fresh start in a school that’s totally different from the one I rejected.”

When I heard about Harlem Prep from a dear friend and prior graduate, I followed up by researching the facility and its goals/intentions. After my research, I KNEW that I wanted to have "The Harlem Preparatory School" on my life's resume. I was empowered by my Prep experience which truly prepared me for the duality of life overall and continues to serve me today.

Keywanda Battle

Pictures below from the June 9, 1971 graduation, courtesy of Keywanda Battle. Click to enlarge.