Hi there,

Thanks so much for checking in on the Harlem Prep Project -- I'm humbled and honored that you are here. Furthermore, I'm beyond excited to share this project with you. The goal of this blog is simple: to keep you updated on all that is happening with both the project and new research. What kind of progress and research? Well, all sorts! Progress on new oral history interviews with alumni, new documents I've unearthed, or papers/articles published about Harlem Prep. Over the last few years, I've collected and photographed almost scanned 800 documents relating to Harlem Prep, with about 500 of them catalogued. These documents include: letters and memos from Headmaster Edward Carpenter and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Robert Mangum; correspondences from secretaries and philanthropists at the Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, Ford Foundation, and Exxon Corporation/Standard Oil; promotional booklets pertaining to Harlem Prep; budgets, grants, and partial class lists, to name a few. (Some of these I've posted throughout this website.) I've also come across almost 40 newspaper articles on Harlem Prep, primarily in the New York Times and Amsterdam News. Finally, I've been fortunate to speak with eight Harlem Prep alumni and staff, and have been very helpful and important in uncovering Harlem Prep's story.

Every few weeks or so, as I update this website or come across an interesting document or photograph, I will share a few notes about what I am finding -- I hope this will be a great way for everyone stay engaged in Harlem Prep happenings!

Overall, I'm humbled to be helping tell this story of Harlem Prep, and look forward to working with everyone "uncover" Harlem Prep as fully -- and as accurately -- as possible.

Stay tuned (and make sure to sign up for my newsletter here if you would like to receive updates.)