An expanded outline and 50% draft done (plus sneak peak)!

Dear Harlem Prep alumni and friends,


I hope you all have had a wonderful start to 2018! Since the calendar switched, I have been hard at work, continuing to write each day about Harlem Prep -- and not a day goes by where I am not deeply grateful for the opportunity to write your extraordinary story.

Since my last post, I have made a lot of progress! Unlike the last update -- and thank you to those who reached out -- this time I have attached a real-life progress report, with a detailed outline of each chapter. And, things have definitely shifted! When I originally posted my first outline back in October, I only had planned for six or so chapters -- but now, I have nine full chapters planned. What changed, you might ask? Well, "you" did (so to speak)! There is so much to say about Harlem Prep, about the people who went there; so many stories to tell and dynamics to explore, and I just felt there was more that needed to be written about something so extraordinary and so unique (and truly timeless). For example, how could a story exist without a section about administrators and a deep analysis of how Ed Carpenter embraced multiculturalism with "unity through diversity?" Or, that there needed to be a separate chapter just exploring all the educational components of Harlem Prep: its classes, curriculum, and daily life? Plus, highlighting alumni stories and poetry should also flow through each chapter, no matter the focus. I saw Harlem Prep unfolding in three parts: its origins, its rise, and its descent, and have re-organized my dissertation in this way.

So, please click the button below to view the new outline (and please reach out with any questions or thoughts, too!). As you will see highlighted in yellow, I have completed first drafts of chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 (that's a total of 223 pages so far), and I am starting on chapter 7 soon. Of course, this outline may change, such as chapters 8 and 9 might be condensed and the introduction might just fold into chapter 1, but this is my best guess as of now! Without further ado, click below:

Oh, and one last thing! Here's a sneak peak of the last page and half of Chapter 5 on Harlem Prep's students, teachers, and administrators (click to enlarge):

As always, if you have not shared your story and experiences about Harlem Prep, and would like to do so for inclusion into the dissertation/book, please reach out to me personally at or here on the website (or via Facebook or phone). I would to hear from you! (Or, if you have any documents/photos you would be willing to share.)

We are getting there -- I can't wait to share it all with you in due time.

With tons of love and endless appreciation,


P.S. Of course a few "goodies" from the archives! First, a short newsletter called The Lamp put out by Standard Oil at Harlem Prep. Second, a PDF of two letters between Ed Carpenter and Ford Foundation program officer Joshua Smith, that details budgetary information about funding academic departments. Enjoy!