Presenting in NYC on Harlem Prep

Dear Harlem Prep alumni and my dear friends,

I hope everyone is well! Since my last update, I have been continuing to write, write, and write some more -- sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, page by page. I have now completed a first draft of five of the nine total chapters of the Harlem Prep story, with another first draft of a chapter (Chapter 7 on Harlem Prep's community coalition) almost done, too. (To keep track, click here to visit my last update where I posted a detailed outline of all nine chapters of my dissertation/book!)

However, I wanted to check-in with a brief personal update as I've been on a slight writing hiatus: I have been preparing for two presentations about my research on Harlem Prep at AERA -- the American Educational Research Association. AERA is the largest education conference in the world, with over 17,000 attendees expected this year to talk about every facet of education in the present. (Yes, there is a lot that needs to be talked about -- and fixed!) To my delight, this year's conference is in New York City, so I will get to visit my old stomping grounds for a few days.

While I know it is short notice -- and schedules are busy -- I wanted to make sure to invite you all to these presentations:

Monday, April 16, 10:35am-12:05pm: presentation about how Harlem Prep was able to build a diverse "community coalition" of philanthropy and business with local support, crossing racial and ideological lines.


Tuesday, April 17, 8:15-9:45am: presentation about Harlem Prep teachers and their emancipatory teaching, and what teachers today can learn from Harlem Prep teachers' use of love and relevant pedagogy.

Each of these presentations will be about 10-12 minutes, and then there are other presenters who discuss their research on a related topic (i.e., teaching or history of education) during that time slot. Unfortunately, these are early times (particularly Tuesday) and the conference takes place at various hotels in Times Square -- absolute madness, I know! Still, if you are interested in attending, please reach out to me individually.

However, if you'd like to view the visual parts of the presentation that I am going to give, you can view them by clicking below. (Once you get to the presentation, give it a few minutes to load and click the ">" arrow to go to each slide.) They start off similar, and then are different. Just imagine me speaking about each of these things! :) Click below:

Harlem Prep Community Coalition Presentation [Monday]

Harlem Prep Emancipatory Teaching Presentation [Tuesday]

I can also send you the actual papers for you to read (which I am presenting on) to you, too. Just reach out individually by e-mail or phone. Alright, that's all for now! Thank you for continuing to believe in me and for all your support -- each day I get more excited to one day be able to share the Harlem Prep story with the world. We're getting there.

With love and gratitude,