Harlem Prep Photographs

Perhaps the most exciting part of uncovering Harlem Prep is the nostalgic photographs that we find -- both through my archival research and through the photos that alumni have kept. Do you have a photo that you would like to add to the gallery? Do you recognize someone in the photo? Let me know via e-mail at bmg2136@columbia.edu.

Miscellaneous Photos from Early 1970s

These are photos I took of "negatives" during my visit to the University of Texas-Austin archives, inside folders from the Exxon Historical Collection. These photos were not titled nor did they have any identification information. While the quality is not the best, these are still really incredible candid photos are students, teachers, and the space. There are hundreds of them!

Hussein Ahdieh's Photo Collection

Dr. Ahdieh was a teacher and Assistant Principal at Harlem Prep for most of its tenure, and has his own set of amazing photos, particularly of the many "celebrities" who visited Harlem Prep. Dr. Ahdieh has very generously allowed these to be re-posted here, and I am very grateful. Please visit HarlemPrepSchool.com and Nayriz.org, where they were originally posted.

Alumni Photo Gallery

Do you have photos from your time at Harlem Prep? One goal is to create a photo gallery of photos and/or mementos that alumni still have. Please e-mail me (bmg2136@columbia.edu) a copy of the picture (or about how to do so) and I will add it to this new gallery. Hopefully we can build a gallery of powerful photos from alumni, across different years. Thank you!