A (quick) Happy Holidays wish!

Dear Harlem Prep friends,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I just wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday season — and for those of you on the East Coast and beloved New York City, a wish to stay warm — and a very, very happy and healthy New Year. I am thinking of you all in this holiday season, more than you know!

In terms of an update on my progress, I am deep in revisions on the Harlem Prep project, and making good progress toward a completed dissertation/story by spring time. As I give thanks in this holiday season and in reflection of another year past, I want to thank you all for the richness of stories of you have given me, and more than anything, the faith and trust you have placed in me to tell your beautiful stories individually and collectively at Harlem Prep. I am continually humbled and grateful.

I have two little “gifts”: one, a raw 2-minute clip from the 1972 Commencement Ceremony in front of the Hotel Theresa on 125th Street, from the Associated Press video archives. Some of you may have seen this before, but if you haven’t, it is truly a beautiful and powerful clip. Click the image below to be taken to the website to watch:

Second, here’s a brief snippet of the end of Chapter 5, where I write about the educational program at Harlem Prep, such as the open-space building, curriculum, extracurriculars, scheduling, and other logistics. This is the first part of my conclusion of this chapter. Click the text-image below to enlarge:

Once again, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all! As always, if you would like to reach out about anything — to tell a story for inclusion or about anything at all — please don’t hesitate to reach out.